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Laboratory of Pediatrics

Erasmus University Medical Center – Sophia Children’s Hospital

Who are we?

The Laboratory of Pediatrics of the Erasmus University Medical Center is a research laboratory. It is part of the department of Pediatrics and as such it is strongly embedded in the Sophia Children’s Hospital, a perfect setting for successful translational research. During its more than 50 years of existence, research in the lab has developed into a dynamic bidirectional interaction between scientist researchers from the Pediatrics laboratory and key clinical researchers in the pediatric hospital.

Our research groups

The Laboratory of Pediatrics harbors two research groups, the Samsom group (Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition) and the Unger group (Infectious Diseases and Immunology). See below for more information about our research.

Research groups

Samsom lab

Mucosal Immunology and intestinal homeostasis and gastrointestinal disease.

Within the Laboratory of Pediatrics the research division Gastroenterology and Nutrition is headed by Janneke N. Samsom.

Unger Lab

Infectious diseases and host response with a focus on Mycoplasma infections in children.

Within the Laboratory of Pediatrics the research division Infectious Diseases and Immunology is headed by Wendy W..J. Unger

Background information


Over the years our research has been possible due to the generous support of the following funding bodies

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